90 Day Catalyst Goal Setting Process

Over the past few years, I developed the 90 Day Catalyst goal setting process to help me stay on track. This structured framework for goal setting is rooted in principles contained in many books I have read along with my personal experience.

Goal Setting Process

  1. Connect with your WHY and reflect on your VISION for where you want to be in three years.
  2. Review the seven elements of the Catalyst Seven and select a primary GOAL for each Element. These goals should tie in with your WHY and help you move towards achieving your three-year vision.
    • Spiritual: Growing spiritually
    • Family: Strengthening family relationships
    • Health: Physical and Mental
    • Knowledge: Developing your mind
    • Social: Nurturing personal and professional relationships
    • Career: Advancing career or business objectives
    • Financial: Taking control of and/or improving your finances
  1. Select up to three Catalysts that are going to be the MAJOR GOALS for the next 90 days. Choosing the major goals does not mean neglecting the others entirely, but rather prioritizing one to focus and work on daily. What is most relevant to your WHY and your VISION in the short term?
  2. Invest time thinking about your PRIMARY and MAJOR GOALS. 
    • How will you know when you have achieved it? 
    • What resources do you need? 
    • Do you need help to achieve it?
  3. Break down the PRIMARY GOAL into three MILESTONES. Each Milestone should be able to be completed in one month (four weeks).
  4. Once your MILESTONES have been identified, break down the first MILESTONE into four OBJECTIVES. Each Objective should be able to be completed in a one-week timeframe (seven days)
  5. Determine the critical actions, KEY PERFORMANCE DRIVERS (KPDs), that will be necessary to reach your OBJECTIVE for the current week. Schedule adequate time each day to complete these key action steps and leverage time blocking/boxing (will link to a resource on how to do this.)


A GOAL is merely a target destination on your journey through life. Whether or not you achieve your goal is largely dependent on the two CATALYSTS: MINDSET and ACTION. 

The right MINDSET will compel you to take the correct, daily ACTION STEPS that take you closer to your goal, regardless of circumstances or how you feel.  

The truth is, we don’t always feel like doing the things we need to do, but you must if you want to reach your GOAL.

The DOING is where most people fall short in their goal-setting process. Setting goals is the easy part. Doing the work to achieve them is the challenge.

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90 Day Catalyst Structure 

  • Primary Goal (90 Days)
    • Milestone (Monthly)
      • Objectives (Weekly)
        • Key Performance Drivers (Daily)
          • CATALYST – Action. Do the Work.

Daily Review

Review the following every day as part of your morning routine. 

  1. 90 Day Goal(s)
  2. Current Milestone
  3. Current Objective
  4. Key Performance Drivers for that Day

We recommend writing your Goal and the current Milestone and Objectives on a 3×5 so you can review it often.

Weekly Review (Sunday)

  1. Did you achieve your Objective for the week
    1. If NO, Why?
    2. Will you be able to reach the Objective this week along with the new Objective for the week?
  2. Are you on track to reach the Milestone?
  3. What have you learned that will impact future Objectives, Milestones, or your Goal?
  4. Do you need to make any adjustments based on what you learned?
  5. Set Key Performance Drivers for the week and block off time to work on them.

Helpful Resources

Planning Tool – Best Self Journal
Accountability – Better Today Community

Recommended Reading

The 12 Week Year by Brian Moran
The One Thing by Gary Keller
Find Your Why by Simon Sinek
Atomic Habits by James Clear

Adam Robinson_MBA

Adam Robinson is the founder of Better Today. At the age of 39, he began a season of growth after looking in the mirror at an almost 300 pound, middle aged man who had lost his way. He learned much during his transformation and is dedicated to helping other people get from where they are to where they want to be. Click here to learn more about Adam’s journey.      

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